Terms and Conditions

The booking of accommodation is a contract between our two parties. The Flying Fox agrees to provide the accommodation and services described and agreed. The guest undertakes to pay for the accommodation booked and services used unless it has been cancelled by them in accordance with The Flying Fox ‘s cancellation policies (see below).

Due to the size of the Flying Fox late cancellations or no shows significantly affect our business, so if your plans do change for some reasons, The Flying Fox asks that you let us know as soon as possible. Failure to advise may incur a charge.


To make a reservation you must be 18 years of age or over. In making a reservation The Flying Fox requires the guests name, address, contact telephone (landline and mobile) numbers, and email address. To confirm the reservation The Flying Fox requires a deposit payable by bank transfer or direct credit.

Accommodation rates

All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars on a per night basis and include Goods and Services Tax of 15%.

We accept cash, Eftpos and credit card payments however accounts settled by credit card incur a 3% surcharge.

Peak periods/major events

In peak periods and for major events a minimum night stay and special cancellation conditions may apply.

Specials and packages

Packages and specials are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers. Special conditions may apply.

Group bookings

For private groups booking more than one accommodation unit we require a bond of $500. This will be returned within 48 hours of the end of your stay once the accommodation has been cleaned and checked. Special cancellation conditions apply to group bookings. Please see below.


The liability for guests for their account is not waived and guests agree to be held personally liable for any charges incurred during their stay. For group bookings (i.e .more than one accommodation unit) the registered guest (the lead guest or tour operator) is personally liable for any person, group, company or association that fails to pay all or part of such charges.

Lead guests or tour operators accompanying a party agree to be responsible and accountable for the behaviours and actions of their party. The Flying Fox policy states that any member of a party found behaving in a way that disturbs others or is likely to cause damage to property or injury to self/others, jeopardises the stay of the whole group. The Flying Fox owners reserve the right to terminate the accommodation of anyone behaving in this manner. The registered guest or tour operator will be liable for the full cost of accommodation booked.


A deposit is required to secure your booking:

Ruru Lodge or The Cottages $150

Glamping $75

Bellbird Corner $30


All cancellations must be made by the person who made the original reservation and be in writing. Cancellations may be emailed to info@theflyingfox.co.nz

The Flying Fox will acknowledge receipt of the email and the cancellation request.

An ‘individual booking’ is one accommodation unit.

A ‘group booking’ is two or more accommodation units.

For individual bookings:

deposits will be refunded in full if a booking is cancelled 14 days or more prior to the first night of the stay (minus a $15 administration fee).

For group bookings:

deposits will be refunded in full if the whole booking is cancelled 28 days or more prior to the first night of the stay (minus a $15 administration fee).

should numbers of the group decline and bookings for individual accommodation units are cancelled (i.e. three units reducing to two), deposits for these cancelled units will be refunded if cancelled 14 days or more prior to the stay (minus a $15 administration fee).

All cancellations less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to mid-day on the expected date of arrival will be charged for the accommodation booked, unless The Flying Fox is able to replace the booking.

In the event of a late cancellation every effort will be made to resell the room and you will only be responsible for the cost if this is unsuccessful.

No show – fail to arrive

As The Flying Fox has a contract with you and holds your booking in good faith pending your arrival, if you fail to arrive for your booking, you will be charged the full cost of the accommodation booked.

Early departure

Earlier departure than the reserved date may not result in a refund, unless The Flying Fox is able to replace the booking, the registered guest will be liable for the full cost of the accommodation booked.

For bookings made by tour operators:

In respect of administrative costs, no deposit is required when bookings are made by tour operators. However, the cancellation policy detailed above is applicable and the tour operator will be personally liable for the normal deposit amount/ cost of accommodation in accordance with these time frames.

Damage to property

The Flying Fox reserves the right to charge individual guests or lead guests for the cost of rectifying damage which has been caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless acts of guests to The Flying Fox’s property or structure. Damage to the property should be reported immediately. Any extra cleaning, repairs or replacements required to restore our accommodation units or property to its normal condition will be charged to the registered guest at replacement cost or market rates, plus a charge for any resultant loss of income if applicable. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that guests would incur to a minimum.

If such damage is discovered during the stay it will be drawn to the guest’s attention. If guests have left before damage is discovered then every effort will be made to contact them notify them of the issues and action/costs to rectify. We reserve the right to send an invoice for the costs for payment to the registered address.

Legal action will be taken to recover these costs if necessary. Further, if the damage was malicious or reckless and is considered to amount to criminal damage, the Police may be involved.

Accommodation condition

If accommodation is left in an unsatisfactory state, this includes, excessive rubbish, misuse of The Flying Fox property (including Manchester), any unhygienic uncleanliness, soiling, excessive mess or odour in the kitchen, which causes excessive and unwarranted cleaning time , the Flying Fox reserves the right to charge the registered guest for the cost of extra cleaning, repairs or replacements required to restore our accommodation or property to its normal condition.

Smoking and Vaping

The Flying Fox is a smoke/vape free complex. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in or near any of the Flying Fox’s buildings. If guests wish to smoke/vape they may do so on the river terrace below the property. Cigarette ends must not be left on the ground and care should be taken to mitigate fire hazards during dry weather.

If guests do smoke/vape inside the buildings, the Flying Fox reserves the right to charge such costs and any resulting loss of income to the registered guest. “Resulting loss of income” could be the following guests refusing to stay in that accommodation.

Cultural and Environmental Policy

‘Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au’ ‘I am the river and the river is me’
These traditional words embody the sentiments of all in our community.
The Whanganui River is historically of deep spiritual and cultural significance to Whanganui iwi, Te Atihaunui o Paparangi, who are the tangata whenua, and we respect and share their values.

The river communities are small and the health of our river and the legacy of former generations is of paramount importance to us all.

At The Flying Fox we strive to provide a sustainable tourism experience. This means we endeavour to minimise our impact on our surroundings and are committed to the concept of environmentally responsible use of resources. Our home and guest cottages are built using mainly recycled and natural materials sourced from our area, we have composting toilet systems, a bank of solar panels, avoid the use of chemical based cleaning products, and reduce, reuse and recycle waste products as much as possible.

We support local and conservation efforts and work to minimise our ‘food miles’ by using our own or local produce as much as possible.

We encourage our guests to be aware of their use of resources (water, power etc) and provide facilities for composting and recycling. As we live surrounded by a National Park, care needs to be taken with outside fires. Occasionally in the summer a fire ban is in place, so we also provide gas fired BBQs for outdoor cooking.

The area is surrounded by The Whanganui National Park, and our own native bush, avocado orchards, walnut trees, and gardens which run on organic/permaculture principles. We have a range of heritage fruit trees on our property and work to preserve these along with growing heritage vegetables in our garden.

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