Sustainable Tourism

Hello! We are Jane and Kelly, owner/operators for the Flying Fox.

We moved to The Flying Fox in December 2015, taking over from the previous owners who originally developed the site into tourist accommodation. This move has allowed us to peruse our dream of living rurally and sustainably. This is a philosophy which we extend to the provision of services for our guests. We are part of the  NEW ZEALAND TOURISM SUSTAINABILITY COMMITMENT and the TIAKI promise. Click on the image below to find out more

The Flying Fox is situated on the site of an old Maori kaianga (village), surrounded by regenerating native bush and National Park. As kaitiaki (guardians) of this environment we strive to provide a sustainable tourism experience. This means we endeavour to minimise our impact on our surroundings and are committed to the concept of environmentally responsible use of resources. As well as providing an enjoyable stay for our guests we love to share our way of life and ideas about sustainability and conservation.

Our home and guest cottages are built using mainly recycled and natural materials sourced from our area. We have composting toilet systems, avoid the use of chemical based cleaning products, and reuse and recycle products as much as possible. We are off-grid for everything except electricity, sourcing our own water and minimising our waste. The electricity we source from the grid supplements what we produce from the bank of 16 solar panels which we have installed. 

Our own native bush, avocado orchards, historic walnut trees, and gardens are cared for using organic/permaculture principles. We have a range of heritage fruit trees on our property and work to preserve these along with growing heritage/ organic vegetables in our garden. We run a pest control programme to keep down the local predator population to allow the native bird life to flourish.

We support local and national conservation efforts and work to minimise our ‘food miles’ by using our own or local produce as much as possible.

We encourage our guests to be aware of their use of resources (water, power etc) and provide facilities for composting and recycling. We are a non-smoking/vaping site.