Eco-printed wrap “Smokey Oak”


Silk/wool wrap

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A stunning soft grey wrap with hints of green overlaid with well defined oak leaf prints. A very light delicate weave this wrap is deceptively warm offering an ideal additional layer for those cooler days or summer evenings.

A unique design, this scarf has been printed using only the natural colours obtained from locally sourced plants.  Completely individual, the designs obtained through eco-printing are never replicated, making this an artisan addition to your wardrobe.

This silk scarf measures 185cm x 60cm.

Eco-printing (or Botanical printing) is a process by which the colours and shapes of leaves or other natural plant material such as bark, seeds or flowers are transferred onto fabric or paper. The plant material is combined with moisture and heat (and in some cases mordants) to transfer the colour and shape onto the target fabric or paper – natural alchemy!

Eco-printing is far more environmentally friendly than many of our modern dying/production methods as few, if any, chemicals are used, and the best results are achieved on natural fabrics – better for you and better for the planet.

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