Local Activities


Many people come to the Flying Fox to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Whilst staying with us you can chill at one of the outdoor tables or take a gentle stroll through the orchard and gardens. Walking further afield there are various tracks leading along the river and through the surrounding native bush. Deer and goats are a common sight and a short walk takes you to the remains of the old house which was used as the Koriniti post office and general store until 1968.

Koriniti Marae

For those wishing to explore the surrounding area, the settlement of Koriniti is just across the river and the marae is open for visitors (providing there are no events taking place). Here you will find three

historic whare, one of which is a fascinating museum containing local artefacts. If the kaitiaki (caretakers) are present they will provide a guided tour and open the museum. It is free to visit but a koha (donation) is appreciated and you will find a box outside one of the whare.

You can walk to the marae in about half an hour.




Matahiwi Café and Gallery

Matahiwi is just 8kms north and here there is a quaint café and art gallery, great for a relaxed morning tea or lunch.

Open Wed – Sun (Oct – May)




Kawana Historic Flour Mill 

Just beyond the café you can visit the historic Kawana Flour Mill and settlers cottage which were restored by the Friends of the Whanganui River in 1986.

Free to visit.





Hiruharama (Jerusalem)

Carrying on up the road (approx. 20kms from the Flying Fox) you will come to the settlement of Hiruharama (Jerusalem) where you can visit the convent and beautiful church, founded by Mother Aubert and the Sisters of Compassion.

Free to visit but a box for donations is located just outside the church.



Atene Skyline Track

The north end of the Atene Skyline Track is a ten minute drive south from the Flying Fox and offers options for a two hour walk to the lookout point or a six – eight hour tramp around the ridge line. Either option will afford spectacular views of the Whanganui National Park. Click here for more information 



On the Awa (river) – The Bridge to Nowhere.

In addition to our own ‘Scenic Canoe Adventure’ package, we also have local operators who can provide extended kayak, canoe or jet boat tours.

A visit to The Bridge to Nowhere is a popular day trip (and highly recommended) with knowledgeable local guides taking you into the heart of the Whanganui National Park to this iconic bridge built to service blocks of land gifted to returning service men after the first world war. You will catch the jet boat from Pipiriki (35kms north of the Flying Fox) and travel up river for approximately ¾ hour. A half hour walk then takes you to the Bridge where you will be provided with a drink and snack whilst you listen to the history of the area.

If you would like any advice about other places to visit or day trips further afield please feel free to ask Jane or Kelly.